Periodontist A Gum Disease Specialist

Are you in need of a periodontal specialist? A periodontist helps in the treatment, prevention, and diagnosis of periodontal diseases, which mainly deals with the gums and bones of your mouth. You might see a periodontist Glenview office if you are looking for the placement of dental implants. However, periodontal specialists also work with patients who have oral inflammation and other issues.

While some oral health needs can be managed by a general dentist, a periodontist helps treat signs of periodontal disease and received specialized medical training to provide expert treatment for chronic diseases related to the gums and bones of the mouth. Patients who have symptoms of moderate or severe levels of periodontal diseases may need emergency help or complex treatments that only a periodontist can provide.

A periodontist will examine the gums and check to see if there is any gum recession, as well as issues with biting. Teeth may have come loose due to gum disease. Nutrition and other factors will be discussed to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan. A small measuring probe may be used to study the teeth and gums, determining the depth between the spaces or periodontal pockets. This helps the periodontist ascertain the health of the gums as well.

X-rays are also used to observe how healthy the bones are and whether there are underlying problems that are causing more issues with gums and loose teeth. The periodontist will design a treatment plan that typically includes medication and dental implants, possibly even bone grafting is required.

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