Pet Bathing In Alexandria Will Improve How They Feel

When a pet is regularly groomed, it will improve their health and attitude. Insects, dry skin, and other problems can cause a pet to be uncomfortable and can lead to behavior issues. Pet Bathing in Alexandria will clean the skin of bacteria, viruses, dander, and other things that can irritate their skin.

Mites, dirt, wax, and debris can become trapped in a pet’s ears and cause an infection and other itching. If a pet is not regularly groomed and bathed, their skin could develop an infection. When the skin is irritated and infected, an experienced groomer will give the pet a medicated bath.

Other Services During Grooming

Bathing is only one part of regular grooming a pet needs. A pet’s teeth should be cleaned to avoid bad breath, periodontal disease, red or swollen gums, loose teeth, discomfort, and weight loss due to dental problems. A pet can develop an abscessed tooth without proper treatment.

Other dental care that can be performed is ultrasonic dental scaling, sub-gingival scaling, fluoride rinse, and digital dental radiographs. All of these services will improve a pet’s dental and overall health.


Some animals love to receive a bath and others are frightened. An experienced groomer will provide Pet Bathing in Alexandria and make them as comfortable as possible. Grooming can be frightening when trained personnel do not perform it.

The best place to find a groomer is at an animal hospital. Personnel who work in this type of environment are trained in working closely with pets and have the ability to identify other problems with the pet. Early identification of problems could eliminate a larger problem in the future for the animal.


Another part of bathing is trimming of the nails. The nails should be trimmed on a regular basis and will eliminate the chance of pain. A dog could easily snag their nail on a rug or slide on a smooth surface. These two situations could cause injury to their leg, foot, hip or back.

If you are interested in your pet receiving the best care possible, contact the Hayfield Animal Hospital. Their entire staff has the experience your pet needs to remain healthy and happy.

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