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by | Jan 10, 2018 | Painter

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You deserve someone who provides the best experience

There are a lot of painting companies but, when you decide to paint your home, you should look for a company which uses only quality products and hires service technicians who always provide the best experience at competitive prices. Professionals from Exterior Painting Memphis will develop a positive relationship with you as a customer and will try to deserve that you start to be their repeat customer and referral. Plus, you will get home from the 5-year warranty! That is a reason why they are different from so many other companies.


Using high-quality paints deliver excellent results

If you look for painting contractors that are specialized in both interior & exterior painters, look for professionals from Caldwell Painting. They will pride themselves on offering a service which can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, as well as the capability to complete all your interior work to an exceptionally high standard. They can also provide a complete makeover to the exterior of your home.  Whether you need your woodwork sealed and stained, or a fresh coating of paint on your siding, they can get the job done.


Importance of preparation to paint exterior surfaces

If you decide to do exterior painting, you should find a company which spends a great deal of time on preparation to paint exterior surfaces. Professionals from Exterior Painting Memphis begin with pressure washing surfaces to be painted using water, and where required soap and a light bleach solution to remove mildew. After that, they scrape and sand loose paint and prime raw wood. They use top grade products that will extend the life of your coating and use several techniques. For example, they spray, brush, or roll each surface to thickness specifications depending on the paint product used.

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