Places Where Rodent Control is Needed

Rodents are particularly persistent animals. Their high breeding capacity and the constant need for food keep them in the hunt. Once they find an avenue for food, the rodent will continue go to the source. To keep out a full – scale invasion, controlling methods have to implementet. The only way to protect the home is to identify possible points of entry. These are some of the potential areas where rodents can gain access to the home.

One area in which to consider Rodent Control in Tauranga is under the porch. Ideally, fencing should be placed to discourage entry. However, rodents can squeeze through very tiny holes. If there is water, the attraction to this area is particularly high. Since rodents can also potentially chew holes through wooden structures, there is a direct path into your home. Once they get into the warm space of the walls, the breeding will start immediately.

Another area in which to consider is the roof line. Many rodents can and will climb. Unprotected fireplaces and roof vents provide direct access to the attic area. From there, they can crawl down into the walls and spread rapidly. The worst part of the rodents being in the attic is the potential damage done to electrical wiring. Since this damage can’t be easily seen, they can put the entire safety of the home at risk.

Holes in the siding can also lead to the need for rodent treatment. These holes may be obscured by plants or bushes. Since these plants offer cover to rodents, they can take their time getting into the home. Once they have made the access point, the invasion starts. Since this entry is essentially hidden, the chances of several different rodents using it are very high.

Because the search for a new water and food source is the continual process, rodents will always be a threat. To keep them out, it requires making sure all potential access points are treated properly to discourage new visitors. Contact Flick Pest Control to know more.

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