Plate Lifting Clamps – Uses, Features, and Benefits

There are a variety of applications in which plate lifting clamps can be used – both indoor and outdoor. Made of steel and protected with corrosion resistant material, these clamps are applicable to a variety of project settings, including fabrication facilities, construction sites, and industrial factories. As well, they may be used in auto repair and service center shops.

Materials Lifted

The materials you may lift with these plate lifting clamps include stainless steel, structural steel plate, iron, and aluminum. Safe rigging of heavy machinery and equipment often requires the use of these lifting clamps in conjunction with slings, hoists, and cranes.

Lifting Scenarios

Plate lifting clamps can provide particular versatility for different types of rigging operations. Some of the types of lifts that can make use of these clamps include: vertical, horizontal, universal, and multidirectional.


A common use for these clamps is for the stacking, positioning, and transfer of lift plates and construction and industrial sites and facilities.

Highly durable lifting clamps can be used to lift very heavy plate. Prior to positioning is clamps over a lift, they are visually inspected along with the entire rigging apparatus. Certain flexible loads may require the use of two clamps to ensure adequate stability. As well, in some instances a sling may be required to add additional stability to any lifting operation. Locking devices used in conjunction with vertical clamps can help prevent the lifting plate from loosening.

Determining Features

Plate thickness as well as the weight of the plate that is to be lifted can both determine the required size of the plate lifting clamps.

Sometimes need to be lifted that has a polished surface which must be protected. In these cases rubber clamps may be used upon the service of steel lifting plates in order to prevent damage to the lifted plate.

Ensuring Safety

An important safety note to keep in mind is that should never undergo grinding or welding for the purposes of helping it fit a plate. This can result in a dangerous lifting scenario. Instead, lifting plate should be chosen with a size that properly matches in fits the load without the need for any modifications or adjustments to the clamps and the plate to be lifted.

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