Points to Ponder When Renting a Dumpster in CT

Dumpsters are not just for commercial use. Homeowners will find these devices come in handy with a number of home improvement projects. The trick is to know what to consider when renting a Dumpster CT. Here are some tips that will help.

Choosing the Size

Dumpsters come in a wide range of sizes. When getting ready for some sort of project around the house, think in terms of how large the Dumpster CT must be in order to hold all the debris that will result. Describing the nature of the project with a rep from the rental company will make it easier to settle on a unit with the right capacity.

Think About the Dumpster Design

Just as it is possible to rent a Dumpster CT of a certain size, there is more than one design to consider. Think about the nature of your project and how a dumpster with certain features would make things easier. For example, a rolling dumpster that opens along the top is a great selection when the project happens to be the installation of a new roof. Since the dumpster can be moved around the edge of the room with ease, it will be much easier to toss discarded materials directly into the device.

Setting Up Delivery and Pickup Schedules

Before the rental can be considered complete, always work out the details regarding delivery and pickup. It makes sense to have the dumpster in place the day before the project is started. Homeowners would also do well to allow an extra day when setting the pickup date and time. This will allow some room for unanticipated delays, such as weather that prevents work on the roof one day or a slow delivery of any materials needed to finish the project. The bottom line is dumpsters are great resources for all sorts of home projects.

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