Preparing Your Dog to be Pampered by a Millersville Groomer

Since your dog is likely a member of your family, you want to make sure his hair is cared for properly. You can brush your dog at home, but a groomer can ensure that the hair is trimmed and also trim the nails so that your dog is comfortable while walking. There are a few ways that you can prepare for dog grooming in Millersville to decrease your pet’s anxiety.

Start at Home

If you can begin brushing your dog and performing other grooming services at home, then your pet will get accustomed to being touched and can often begin to understand how each service feels. This can prevent a good bit of the anxiety that your dog might have in the hands of a groomer.

Finding the Right One

When searching for companies that offer dog grooming in Millersville, find out how much experience the technicians have and if there have been any complaints about the services provided. Visit the business to get a good look at how the technician treats customers and dogs while working. If your dog has any special needs, then you need to find a technician who is accustomed to grooming dogs with similar issues.

Leaving Your Pet

Find out if you need to leave your dog for his appointment or if you can stay to offer support for your pet, especially if it’s the first grooming appointment. Most of the time, dogs will focus on the soothing touches offered by the groomer instead of realizing that you’re no longer in the room.

Learn more about how to prepare for your dog’s grooming session by contacting Gambrills Veterinary Center.

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