Preparing Your Home for Siding Installation

Your home is a major investment. Keeping its aesthetic appeal raised is a significant part of maintaining its value. Many people choose to have siding installed onto their homes. This helps insulate a home and protect it from adverse weather conditions. If you will be getting Siding Installation, learn how to prepare your home. This will enable the job to proceed in a productive manner. Use the following guidelines for this pre-job task.

Many crews that work together on Siding Installation meet at job sites. Ask your siding contractor how many workers will join him on the job. Plan to accommodate about four to five workers’ vehicles. The morning the contractor and his crew are set to arrive at your home, ensure that your driveway and space in front of your curb aren’t occupied. Since siding will probably involve transporting large shingles, vertical boards, or sheet materials to your home, plan for a large truck to bring these materials. Try to have enough room if your drive-way for this vehicle to get as close to your home as possible.

Remove all obstacles that can hinder the installers from having a straight pathway to your home. If you have any satellites, antennae, or other hardware attached to your roof or side of your home, talk to your siding contractor to see which ones will need to be taken down during the installation. If the contractor will uninstall and reinstall this hardware, it should be in the contract you sign with him.

To prepare the interior of your home, remove all wall hangings such as wall furniture, pictures, paintings, and murals. The hammering and other actions that take place during installation of siding can cause vibrations. These tremors can damage wall hangings. If you have small pets and children, ensure that you keep them out of the yard during this job. Inform the contractor if you have small children or pets.

Getting your home ready for the arrival of the siding installers will help the workers get right to work. It will also help you form a mutually beneficial rapport with the siding contractor.

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