Preparing Your Home for the Installation of Countertops San Fernando Valley CA

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Business

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Installing new Countertops San Fernando Valley CA can help enhance the functionality and appeal of your home. These horizontal work surfaces can be used in many rooms including your kitchen, bathroom, and utility room. It’s important to prepare all work areas to make this home renovation easier and less stressful. Use the following guidelines to do this.

If you are putting new Countertops San Fernando Valley CA in your kitchen, you will need to set up another area of your home as a “temporary kitchen” This will keep you from hindering the progress of the contractors and give you a place to eat and cook without interruption. Since you may not be able to fix dinners, cook these meals ahead of time. Freeze them in single-size portions and freeze them. You can easily take one out of the freezer and heat them up later. The place you use as your temporary kitchen should be close to an electrical outlet. Move your microwave into this area to heat up your foods. Construct a simple work surface you can use to fix simple foods and eat on. This can be a piece of board supported by cement bricks or tables. Move the foods you eat the most into this area. You may want to purchase an inexpensive mini-refrigerator to store your cold items. This place you put together should accommodate you and your family during the renovation.

The work areas the contractors are in will probably have a moderate to large amount of dust. To keep this from spreading throughout your home, place tape over all airso conditioning grilles and registers. Put sticky mats in the entryways of work areas. This will remove a good amount of dust and debris from the soles of the workers shoes as they enter and exit the work areas. Open windows so fresh air can circulate throughout the work areas. This will help move dust out of your home and improve the quality of the air the contractors breathe. For more information on counter-tops, please talk to an expert at Harter Surfaces.

Putting new Countertops San Fernando Valley CA in your home starts with getting the work areas of your home ready. Setting up an area to temporarily use for eating and preparing meals will help you avoid going into the kitchen when work is being done. Dust containment will keep the air in your home more sanitary. Browse website for more information.


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