Preserving Dignity in Alzheimer Care

When considering options for care and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, it is important to maintain a feeling of agency and independence for the patient. Whether it is yourself or a loved one seeking care, people always feel better and respond better to treatment when their dignity is preserved. For this reason, choosing a facility for Alzheimer care is a decision that requires careful thought.

What is Alzheimer’s?

According to, Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia, affecting memory, thinking and behavior. Typically occurring in patients over the age of sixty-five, the disease is degenerative and will typically worsen with time. For this reason, even daily tasks can become difficult or impossible in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s so finding appropriate care and assistance for a patient is a necessity.

Finding Quality Care

Sites like Oasis Senior Advisors – Silicon Valley offer resources for planning the future of care and treatment for Alzheimer patients and their caregivers and families. By curating links to services, providers and residential facilities that specialize in assistive and therapeutic care for memory loss patients, the process of creating a care plan is quicker and easier. This takes a great deal of stress off of the shoulders of Alzheimer’s patients and their families, which in the presence of such a condition is a welcome reprieve.

Options for long-term care for a patient with any form of dementia may begin with outpatient treatment and therapy, as well as medication. In later stages, assistive care may become necessary, and inpatient or residential facilities may be considered in order to make life easier on both the patient and their families. Qualified caregivers are able to provide day and night monitoring and assistance, as well as peace of mind. Choosing an Alzheimer’s care plan for yourself or a loved one is likely to be an emotional time. By finding the right place for both care and treatment, independence and dignity can be preserved, without sacrificing quality of life.

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