Principles of a Survivalist

Survivalists believe they must be prepared for any life-threatening situation at all times. Stocking up on non-perishable food, building bunkers, and having gear on hand is part of their core beliefs. If you are a survivalist, then you know that in addition to these things, having the proper attire will also inhibit and at times prevent an attack.


The clothing you wear can keep you alive for one more day in a survivalist situation. Many preparers prefer protective work jumpsuits for men and hazmat suits. They can offer complete protection in all situations. Fairly easy to put on, they are also lightweight and convenient to carry in a backpack.

Some survivalists prefer to wear cargo pants or utility pants. The pants provide small pockets to keep gear in. Weapons, fishing and hunting gear can easily come with you as you explore surrounding territory.


A lot of survivalists believe in creating underground bunkers as their form of shelter. From the rudimentary hole in the ground to a full-fledged reinforced living space, it all depends on the level of comfort you require.

Some of the shelters are created with strong material such as steel that is constructed in the ground. Of course, breathable air passages are created in order to live underground for an extended period of time. The shell is impenetrable and locked. There is no way to get in once you are inside.


Survivalists often stock up on non-perishable food items. Canned goods that don’t spoil and can last for years are the best choice. Sealed and bottled water is also collected and prepped for an unforeseen emergency.

Pickling and jarring is also a method that is used. Using a salt brine, the food is preserved and can last for years. Fruits and vegetables can be jarred and saved for the survivalist’s food stash.

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