Printed Circuit Board Assembly Companies

Printed circuit board assembly companies provide their customers with a fully functional printed circuit board assembly (PCBA). It involves the connection of the diverse electronic parts with the actual wiring of the printed circuit board. Such completed or assembled boards permit the facile flow of electric power ensuring the fluent operation of electronic devices without hesitation and any undue interruption. Various industries require printed circuit board assembly for efficient and optimal operation of many electronic and/or electro-mechanical devices.

How to Produce Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

A one-word answer to this question is “with great care.” It is important to pay close attention to details. Precision is essential. Printed circuit board assembly companies can choose one of several ways to assemble the functional and completed devices. Currently, the major three ways of accomplishing this are:

1. Surface Mount Assembly (SMT): This is a common means for PCBA

2. Plated through-hole technology (PTH): Printed circuit boards utilizing this means of assembly must have drilled holes and leads.

3. Box-Build or Electro-mechanical assembly: This means of assembly involves the application of other devices such as assembly

a) Cable assembly

b) Custom metalwork

c) Looms

d) Molded plastics

e) Wire harnesses

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Companies

The successful functioning of many product production facilities is a correctly operational and carefully built printed circuit board. The design and assembly of such devices are quite complex and beyond the means and norm of many OEMs. In fact, not all companies can provide the specialized services demanded by this operation.

Printed circuit board assembly companies are niche providers. By focusing on performing this task, they provide essential services – a solution to many manufacturing specifications that is swift and dependable, producing high-quality results. When selecting a company for this task, make sure they have the credentials, the certifications and a proven record of accomplishment.

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