Problems With Pipes and Drain Fields That Require Septic Repair in Olympia WA

Proper maintenance of a septic system is the key to preventing the need for Septic Repair in Olympia WA. Repairing a drain field can be expensive and repair of a septic tank may be impossible. When the system has failed and the county authorities find out about the situation, they will condemn the property until the situation is resolved.

A functional septic system is imperative for residential rural property, since it is the only adequate way for the residents to safely dispose of the waste from the toilets. Water from showers, washing machines and sinks all flow to the tank as well.

Effective Maintenance Strategies

When people move to a rural property for the first time, they need to learn the fundamentals of keeping the septic system working properly. The most important strategies include only flushing toilet paper and organic waste, having the tank pumped as recommended, and not driving or parking on the drain field. That area is also known as a leach field.

The tank can only hold a specific number of gallons, so it’s important not to overload it. This might happen if the household residents all take showers and run several loads of laundry through the washing machine over the course of a few hours. It’s best to space out laundry over a few days instead.

Eventual Need for Repair Work

No matter how well the household residents treat the system, the drain field may not last forever. Septic Repair in Olympia WA is necessary when the field becomes clogged and no longer allows liquid waste to percolate down through the soil. The signs of this problem include unpleasant odors coming from the area and, sometimes, liquid pooling on top.

Sometimes the problem with noticeable smells turns out to be a cracked pipe between the tank and the drain field. This typically is less costly to replace than having work done on the field.

Hiring Professional Service

Pumping and inspection services can be completed by a company such as Advanced Septic & Construction Services. The technicians also can make repairs and do replacement work if this ever becomes necessary.

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