Professional Concrete Services in Chicago, IL for Historic Building Preservation

Many owners of historic buildings that have deteriorated to a certain extent would like to have those structures restored to their original beauty and elegance. Demolishing old buildings has become relatively common to make way for new construction, but not everyone is comfortable with this. Professional concrete services in Chicago IL are available to help customers with their goals of historic preservation and restoration.

Four Methods

Four methods for saving old buildings are recognized, with preservation and restoration being two separate types. Rehabilitation and reconstruction are the other two, although reconstruction essentially rebuilds rather than preserves the structure. All four techniques can be provided by professional concrete services in Chicago IL depending on the client’s goals and the condition of the structure.

Upgrades for Codes

A building may need improvements so it meets current government codes, such as accessibility for disabled individuals. Contractors such as Golf Construction work to make sure upgrades are done without compromising the historic character of the building.

Hiring a contractor who specializes in this type of work is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the building. Upgrades like ramps and elevators can be installed in subtle ways so they aren’t immediately noticeable. The exterior of the building may need repair or resurfacing. The owners may want the facade restored so the building looks as impressive as it did many decades ago.

Building Conversion

Often, the building in question will have a different use than it was initially designed for. An old church might be converted into a dance studio. A century-old bank might become a hotel. It’s common for industrial structures to be turned into condos, apartments, shopping centers,¬†and restaurants. Maintaining as much of the original character is essential for the image the owner wants to portray.


When a building has deteriorated a great deal, rehabilitation may be the only option if the owner wants to avoid reconstruction. A large percentage of materials might require replacement, but the effort will be made to make everything look as authentic as possible. New materials can be installed while the original design is maintained. Visit website domain for information on this particular contractor.

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