Professional Heating Systems in Northern Alabama

Home heating is often done with central heating systems, which contain a furnace, heat pump or boiler to heat steam, water or air in a mechanical or furnace room. Heat often transfers by conduction, convection or radiation.

Heat Generation

Heaters run can run on a variety of fuels, including liquids, solid fuels or gases. Electricity is another common heat-generation method that uses electrical current to heat ribbons of high-resistance wire. Heat pumps have also become a popular choice that extracts heat from several sources, including building-exhaust air, environmental air or the ground.

Heat Distribution

Steam or Water

In this case, known as hydronics, pipes transfer heat to rooms and other areas. Modern boiler-based water heating systems in Madison, AL, circulate the hot water with a pump. The heat then transfers to the air through heat exchangers, such as hot water coils or radiators.


Air-based heating systems in Madison, AL, use fiberglass or metal ducts to distribute heat and return air. The ducts often double as distributors for air conditioning. The supply of air typically passes through air cleaners to remove pollen or dust.

Heating System Dangers

Residual products from incomplete combustion in furnaces, boilers or space heaters are an inherent danger and include carbon monoxide – a highly dangerous, tasteless and odorless gas – formaldehyde and nitrogen oxides, among others. Proper ventilation installed by knowledgeable professionals is a wise decision.

Call a Professional HVAC Installer

An EPA and NATE-certified HVAC residential expert with fully licensed, bonded and insured technicians will properly install duct systems and heating and cooling systems as well as repair, replace or maintain HVAC systems. Call Southern Comfort HVAC LLC at 256-858-0120 or visit today.

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