Professional Interior Designers Choose Symphony Contract Wallcoverings

by | Jan 28, 2015 | Home and Garden

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Symphony contract wallcoverings allow you to design the dream wall you have always wanted. Wallcoverings that fit the new look of your home or your clients interior design wishes can all come to life through Symphony wallcoverings. As a quality product leader of the J Josephson Corporation Symphony wallcoverings provides continually innovation year-after-year to create new and brilliant wallcoverings in hundreds of design patterns, textures and colors. Additionally, they are always offered direct to homeowners, designers, architects and contractors who wish to create an amazing new look to an existing home or business (or brand-new construction project) which will last a lifetime. Durable and professionally built right here in the United States, Symphony wall coverings are a true leader in the industry which will add the perfect touch to any design theme.

Why the Leading Experts Choose Symphony Wallcoverings

Symphony allows professionals to create and offer hundreds of designs, patterns and textures to their clients. With exceptionally brilliant vibrant colors, clients are sure to fall in love with Symphony’s product line. Built right here in Hackensack, New Jersey, Symphony is a quality product that can be commonly offered to clients. The entire product line is durable and Bill to exacting specifications which in turn offer pure elegant and professional aesthetics that complement and complete any living space. Professionals choose Symphony wallcoverings because of their large selection and the high quality of their products.

Interior designers and contractors can offer clients design patterns and colors that can bring sophistication of design to any room. With Symphony, you are able to provide true elegance to your clients through brilliant wallcoverings that are truly some of the finest ever made. Symphony cares about their quality and product lines like no one else in the industry.

Eco-View Wall coverings By Symphony

Expanding your client list to eco-friendly and earth minded clients is now easier than ever through Symphony and the eco-view line. With up to 30% post-consumer recycled materials added to all eco-view products, you can now offer even more to the earth conscious yet style minded client. Eco-view is one of the leading environmentally friendly, low emitting wall covering product lines and it is brought to you only by Symphony.

Symphony products are built right here in the USA and offer a quality guarantee that will last for many years. Brilliant, never-fade patterns and colors will resist the bumps and bruises that come from today’s busy families because they are manufactured with only the finest of materials. Symphony wallcoverings are perfect for business and home, and you can be sure that you will find one that matches your sense of style. Bring your clients the true professional quality their home or business deserves through Symphony.

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