Proper Septic Tank Pumping in Des Moines Iowa Prevents Costly Repairs

If a home is not connected to a public sewer system, then it relies on a private septic system. The septic system is made up of a septic tank that separates and treats household waste and a leeching field that distributes the treated waste back into the ground. A series of drain pipes connects the home to the septic system. If the homeowner doesn’t maintain the septic system properly, the drain pipes can back up and the septic tank can fail. These problems can require costly repairs. Regular Septic Tank Pumping in Des Moines Iowa can prevent many of these problems.

Homeowners should partner with a a professional septic tank services company to determine the best pumping schedule for their home. People often think that just the effluent from their toilet is treated in the septic system. This isn’t true. Every drain pipe in the house connects to it. This includes all of the bathtubs, showers, sinks and washing machines. Therefore a septic tank that suppports a home with active teens will need more frequent Septic Tank Pumping in Des Moines Iowa than the same size household with small toddlers.

Septic tanks rely on bacteria to process the waste. Homeowners have to be very careful not to use products that could kill the bacteria. This could cause the septic tank to fail. Chlorine bleach is one of the common household products that can kill septic tank bacteria. If a family wants to use chlorine bleach in the laundry, they should not use it every day. A better strategy is to use bleach on one day and then not use it for three or four days. This gives the bacteria time to replenish.

Once the bacteria have treated the waste, the solid waste sinks to the bottom of the septic tank and the liquid waste floats to the top. There is an outfall pipe that allows the liquid waste to exit the septic tank. Gravity allows the liquid waste to travel to the leeching field. Perforated pipes allow the liquid waste to enter the soil. The soil further removes any harmful bacteria. If the septic tank isn’t pumped regularly, the solid waste will eventually fill up the tank and block the outfall pipe. This causes the drains to back up. At this point, costly repairs are need to fix it. Homeowners get redirected here to learn more about preventing this situation.

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