Pros and Cons of Buying Custom Jewelry

Have you ever stopped at a jeweler and didn’t find anything you liked? Maybe all the selections seemed commonplace. It’s hard to find unique pieces if you shop only preset rings and other items. When you go to a jeweler offering custom jewelry, you enjoy many benefits. However, every story has two sides, and here are some of the good and not so good things about buying customized selections.


  • You have something that no one else owns. This brings a great deal of satisfaction.
  • You get to express your creative talents. Everyone loves the feeling of creating something with their own hands.
  • If you want to attract attention, make your own jewelry.
  • You are the designer, and anything goes. You have the final decision on all matters.
  • Professional craftsmen make your custom jewelry. You receive the highest quality and durability.


Nothing is perfect and customizing has a few downsides to consider:

  • Expense – on average, custom-made items cost more than pre-set items. Before you make this decision, keep a definite budget in mind.
  • Time – it takes time to create plans and get them approved. Your jeweler may make a prototype for approval, and your jewelry goes through the manufacturing process. This takes several weeks or longer, depending on the item.
  • Returns – you cannot return custom jewelry once the process completes. However, your jeweler makes changes or repairs.

Shopping Tips

Choose a jeweler well-known for handcrafted jewelry. Competent jewelers offer exceptional phone and email support. The helpful staff explains the entire process and helps you get started. You have a lot of help designing and creating your custom jewelry, and you receive many options. You can make your own drawings, send photographs, or call and talk to your jeweler about your design.

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