Protect Space – 3 Tips to Follow After Getting Bit by Someone Else Dog

Many households own at least one dog. Dogs serve as loyal companions, but they are still animals. They can bite, especially when someone invades their personal space. If you are attacked in a public place or while visiting a friend, you should take specific steps and talk to a Libertyville dog bite injury attorney. Read on to find out about three tips to follow after getting bit by someone else dog.

Take Pictures

If any animal bites you, you should always take pictures of your injuries. Dog bites can spread diseases like tetanus and rabies. They also can cause infections. When it comes to dog attacks, children are most vulnerable and may develop emotional trauma.

Collect Details

You will need to identify the dog that causes your injuries. This information is essential when determining the dog’s owner and for checking the dog for diseases. If possible, you should try to get a picture of the dog and get the owner’s information.

Recover Damages

You may want to seek compensation for your medical bills. Suppose you were bit by a dog at a friend’s house. In that case, a Libertyville dog bite injury attorney can check the local liability laws and negotiate with the owner’s homeowner insurance company. If you want to recover damages for pain and suffering, then you will have to prove the dog’s owner was negligent.

When a dog bites someone, you have the legal right to recover compensation for your losses and injuries. It also helps to report the dog bite incident and help state authorities to identify dangerous animals. Contact The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, PC at a consultation today!

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