Questions and Concerns about Photo Booth Kiosks

Are you interested in adding a photo booth kiosk to your business? Have concerns about how and why to purchase a photo booth kiosk? Wonder is they are an economic benefit? With the rise in touchscreen technology, kiosks are more viable, durable and interactive than ever. However, many are unfamiliar with how the work and why people purchase them. If you have questions and concerns about photo booth kiosks, read on to have them answered!

Size and Weight

Some of the most common questions and concerns regarding modern kiosks are the size and weight of the kiosks themselves. Luckily, most modern photo booths feature an open design. This includes the kiosk, touchscreen, and photo booth backdrop. The number of people you can fit in a photo booth depends on how big the photo booth backdrop is.

As far as weight goes, it depends on what photo booth kiosk you purchase. More economical options can be around 40 pounds. More expensive options could be as much 80 – 200 pounds. The size and weight of modern kiosks vary, but they are much larger in size capabilities and lower in weight than older models.

Installation and Transportation

Most photo booth kiosks are designed with installation and transportation in mind. Most major photo booth kiosk companies claim that installation takes around five minutes to complete.

Transportation is also kept in mind for most modern kiosks. Most companies include a transportation case option. Also, kiosks are designed to break down into four to six parts. Most modern kiosks are easy to install and transport.


The features of modern kiosks largely depend on the type of tablet is used with the kiosk. Most tablets have the capabilities to run software that can share with social media, add a green screen and produce photo strips. Some tablets can add premium software that allows for slow motion video, GIFS, and filters. Most features of the photo booth kiosk depend on the tablet you use with it.

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