Reasons Door Repair is Not a DIY Job

You bought your first home and underestimated maintenance costs. It may seem like a clever idea at first to try and fix your home on your own, however there are many things that can go wrong when trying to pinch all the pennies.

You May Not Have the Skill Level
Most people have a tough time trying to figure out which home improvement jobs they can tackle alone, and which need expert help. Usually door problems are complicated jobs that should be left to skilled professionals. If it were a home repair such as painting or redoing wallpaper, you most likely could do it yourself.

Doors are more complex than you would first think. They’re barriers that have been a primary method of safety and crime prevention for hundreds of years. As an important tool for safety, over time different doors and door mechanics have evolved to offer optimal peace of mind. With an increase in door design, skill level requirements for handling door repairs and installations have risen.

Do you have all the knowledge needed to analyze what is wrong with your door? Or have the raw materials to fix it? Know what a shim is? Or how hard to hammer a frame to prevent skewed door frames? DIYs are meant for simple tasks like Japanese candy kits, not fixing modern doors.

Dangerous and Time Consuming
At this day and age everybody is juggling more than one task and holding a second job is not uncommon. Meaning you probably don’t have the spare time required to repair a door yourself. Do you know how long it takes on average to complete a door repair job? Mending a door requires not only measuring things precisely, and using the right tools, but you also have to have the physical stamina. Do you have the upper body strength to chisel a door to pry molding away? What if you break the door frame further? What if you hammer and break your fingernail?

It could be more trouble than it’s worth to try and save a bill for home or business security. It’s best to seek professionals with years of practice so that you save yourself another trip to the hardware store (since you broke a piece) or urgent care for nicking your finger. Visit Platinum Home Design & Renovations Inc. for quality door repairs in Toronto ON.

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