Reasons to Consider When Renting Student’s Apartments in Athens, GA

Athens houses the University of Georgia, which attracts more than 30,000 students. Given the high number of students, providing them with top-notch housing options becomes crucial. Opting for student apartment complexes in Athens offers the following benefits.

Range of Well-Appointed Options

A variety of student apartments in Athens, GA, offer many floor plan options plus amenities. These are great things that are important for the lifestyle and budget of a student. Some apartment sizes you can get include studios, 1, 2 and 3-bedroom units. You will enjoy a kitchen area, hardwood floor, washer/drier, fridge and much more.

Comfortable and Convenient Living Spaces

Student apartments are designed to offer the most convenient specifications for students. They come with fully furnished apartments, so you don’t have to stress about spending a lot on buying and moving bulky furniture. Onsite management means quick response for any maintenance needs. Onsite amenities and proximity to campus save time otherwise spent commuting.

Cater Specifically to Student Needs

Understanding the student lifestyle, many apartment communities host social events and offer student-exclusive services. These include academic success programs, fitness classes, commuter shuttle services and even on-site tutoring centers.

Pet-Friendly Apartments

While many student housing bans pets, select student apartments in Athens, GA, welcome dogs and cats. Pet owners can relax knowing their furry companions won’t disrupt their living situation.

If you’re searching for end, off-campus accommodation near the University of Georgia, take a look at Lark Athens. Their sized floor plans and luxurious amenities cater perfectly to the needs of students.

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