Reasons to Purchase a Brand New Portable Generator

Portable Generators

Portable generators have changed a lot since they were first introduced on the market. It’s good to make sure that you have a portable generator in case of emergencies like a hurricane or if you are just going out on a camping trip. Look more into these types of features that you can find on new Generac portable generators.


Portable generators used to be known for being very loud so you typically would only use them in environments such as in a garage or on a construction site. Today, portable generators are known for being so quiet that you can sleep pretty close to them without having to worry about waking up. The quietness factor makes it great when you are looking to camp with others so that you can use appliances without worrying about annoying anyone else. Strongly consider purchasing a new portable generator when you are looking to be quieter when using one.

Safety Features

Depending on what you plug into an older generator, you might end up killing it due to overloading the circuit breaker or using too much oil. Going with a new Generac portable generator instead means that you’ll have safety features that ensure that your generator will shut down or find another way to prevent your generator from permanently breaking. Think about purchasing a newer portable generator when you want unique safety features that will extend the life of your generator.


While they have always been called portable generators, many older models tend to be very bulky in that you had to have multiple people carry them from one place to the other. Newer portable generators have made it so compact that it’s easy for one person to carry it or it might have wheels in which you can roll it.

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