Reasons to Replace Your Flooring during the Spring, Find Variety in Downers Grove

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Home Improvement

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Many people in Downers Grove decide to take on home improvement projects during the spring. It’s a time for newness and change, but the weather also starts getting warmer, as well. If you’ve decided to change the flooring, you may want to wait for spring for a variety of reasons.

Less Discomfort

When you’re upgrading the flooring in your home, it is essential that you keep the doors and/or windows open to let in the breeze. For one, the professionals will be working hard. However, old materials will have to be carried out, and new supplies will be brought in. Plus, your furniture and everything else will need to be outside (or in another room) so that they can work to install the new floor. Residents of Downers Grove will find that spring is perfect because it’s not too hot or too cold.


If your current floors have to be ripped up, the adhesives and other debris will need to be removed. It is best if you can open the windows to let in the fresh air, which helps ventilate everything and keep the dust and fumes controlled. Depending on the type of floor you choose, you may also have to deal with stains and other products that may emit strong odors.


Any floor must acclimate to the indoor environment before it can be installed. Therefore, they must be exposed to the temperatures and humidity inside, which can be less extreme in the spring than in summer or winter, especially when the furnace or air conditioner runs full-time.

Upgrading the flooring in your home can be an exciting time, and you may want to wait until spring. Visit Best Buy Carpet and Granite in Downers Grove at to learn more.

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