Reasons to Update Your Systems for Emergency Communication in Central Point, OR

If your institution already has a system in place for emergency communication in Central Point, OR, you may assume that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, improving your nurse call systems might have many positive consequences for your facility’s operations.

It may then be time to consider newer possibilities and make the transfer to a more modern system if you currently have an outdated system.

Improved Communication

With outdated call systems, nurses usually don’t have a good method of knowing what the patient needs other than the fact that they phoned. The door light usually turns on for a variety of reasons, including a fall or a concern regarding their treatment plan. It may be tough to prioritize calls as a result of this.

Many of today’s technologies make it simple for patients to express their specific needs to the designated nurse. Many systems now allow them to select from various alternatives rather than hitting the same button for every purpose. While the nurse is on the way, systems can also allow for two-way contact between the nurse and the patient. Better Emergency Communication In Central Point, OR, may benefit both patients and nurses in your hospital.

Improve Patient Care

Modern systems also provide analytics and reporting. Let’s assume one patient requires assistance more frequently than the others. New systems can detect this, allowing supervisors to make required adjustments to assignments.

Reporting can also give vital information regarding the care you deliver to patients. Reports may indicate how long it takes to react to each patient call and the average number of calls per day or hour, allowing you to change staffing plans to accommodate peak periods.

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