Reasons You May Want to Ask For an Open MRI in Orlando, Florida

It is not uncommon to feel worried when your doctor recommends additional tests for a medical problem. One example is an enclosed MRI scan, which can affect your mental health and physical comfort. The good news is many Orlando imaging facilities offer an open MRI machine. Here are several reasons to ask for an open MRI for your procedure.

You Are Suffering From Panic Attacks

If you suffer from anxiety or claustrophobia, the thought of an enclosed MRI machine may cause panic attacks. It is important to talk to your doctor about an open MRI scan. Open MRI scans are not uncommon these days, so there is a good chance your doctor can refer you to a facility that offers an open MRI machine.

You Often Deal With Sensory Issues

A procedure that uses a loud machine can cause a sensory overload. If you deal with sensory issues, it is best to choose an Orlando imaging facility that offers an open MRI machine. Open MRI machines are not as loud as enclosed MRI machines, and you may even be able to wear noise-reducing headphones during your procedure.

You Are Worried About Physical Comfort

It is not always easy to lie comfortably in an enclosed MRI machine. Your radiologist may also have difficulty scanning the target area. When you choose an open MRI scan, you can lie comfortably as your radiologist performs a scan that is easy to read the first time.

If you have the option of choosing an Orlando imaging facility that offers an open MRI machine, schedule an appointment with Open MRI of Orlando. You can contact the staff at

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