Recycling in Fall River MA Has Been Made Very Accessible for Reisdents

Fall River, Massachusetts has implemented a recycling program for a limited number of items to be picked up at curbside. These items include colored bottles without caps, plastic containers 1 through 7 without caps, cans and newspapers, magazines, and corrugated cardboard.

Many more items can be dropped off at the recycling drop facility including Refrigerators, Batteries, Tires, Used Motor oil, Metal appliances and Computer Monitors among many other items. Citizens are requested to check with an attendant before dropping off paint materials and used motor oil. Recycling Fall River MA has developed a recycle program for just about every item.

Complete Recycling Solutions, LLC is a private company that will do electronics recycling and onsite hard drive shredding. This company recovers mercury from contaminated devices and debris. They work with all types of mercury devices. CRS is a complete service recycling source which handles everything that can possibly be recycled. CRS will ship special boxes to residents and commercial customers who have mercury lamps to recycle. These boxes are shipped back to CRS for proper processing. Low end mercury lamps are still recommended for recycling. The CRS program is a supplemental service to the Recycling Fall River MA Program and it serves residents and commercial activities also.

Waste disposal services are available in Recycling Fall River MA and there are specific guidelines for handling this material. The following are guidelines for waste disposal:

Solid Waste

* Trash in covered barrels.

* Bulky items must be paid for and scheduled for pick-up.


* Wood must conform to certain guidelines which include an allowed length and bundling.

* A total of nine bundles of wood can be considered as waste.


* Three carpet remnants that comply with the guidelines.

* Larger carpets are considered to be bulky items.

Other Refuse

* No liquids of any kind in volume are to be placed for curbside collection. These should be taken to the recycling center with prior arrangements.

* Construction and demolition debris is not included. A private waste company can handle these items for disposal.

Recycling Fall River MA has provided recycling services at curbside for most non-hazardous items and many electronic items. Many hazardous materials can be brought to recycling centers for disposal by making prior arrangements. Additionally, a private company will provide recycling services for many hazardous products and electronics as well as items with mercury in them. Other private recycling companies support recycling of non-hazardous items.

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