Replacing Factory-Tinted Auto Glass in Houston, TX

A person finds the perfect used car except there’s one significant problem. The windows are tinted beyond what this person would like. This is factory tint, a color included during the glass-making process, so it cannot be removed. If the prospective buyer really wants this car, one possibility is to schedule window removal and replacement of the auto glass in Houston TX.

Aftermarket vs. Factory Tinting

Aftermarket window tinting is accomplished with the application of a film. With time-consuming effort, that film can be removed by the vehicle owner. Factory tint, in contrast, is permanent. The man or woman who loves this used car must decide whether the extra cost for complete replacement of auto glass in Houston TX is worth it. The total price depends on various factors, but people can expect to spend a minimum of about $100 on each side window, and more for the rear window and the windshield.

Factory-Tint Options

Most passenger vehicles come standard with a minimal amount of window tint except for the windshield, but in some vehicles, a darker tint is offered as an option. The original buyer of this vehicle may have ordered a more customized car, pickup truck, or SUV or may have purchased a pricier one on the lot with the optional tint. Another issue may not be with tint per se, but with the color of the tint. Some manufacturers offer distinct colors for specific vehicles.

Future Buyers and Dissatisfaction

In the future, when the vehicle is resold, not every potential buyer may be happy about the darker windows or the unusual window color. If they want this automobile quite badly and the price is right, they may decide that bringing it to a company like Lone Star Glass for window replacement makes sense. Depending on the make and model and the number and size of windows, they may be able to have the job completed for under a grand. The windshield shouldn’t need replacing because additional tint on that glass is not allowed in Texas, except at the top. Visit website domain to learn more about one particular auto glass replacement company.

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