Residential Treatment Help to Live a Productive Life in Burnsville, MN

Situations can arise that may force you to change your living arrangements. It could be something that you have lived with since birth, a physical injury, mental illness or drug-related condition that requires you to live in a residential situation.

What Clients Receive

Everyone who lives in one of the residential treatment facilities will have the opportunity to develop skills and function as a valuable part of the community. Housing in the adult residential facility at Burnsville is one of the services provided in the transitional program for people in need in the surrounding area. Housing instability due to your situation is addressed and dealt with on a person-to-person basis.

The challenging application process for medical and other benefits can be facilitated as part of your initial support through the residential program. The decisions made on your behalf will determine further steps to take in your treatment and rehabilitation.

Personalized Services

Your needs will be addressed per your individual needs in the program. Their skilled and compassionate staff are available for you regardless of your income, health, history or current situation. Your apartment will be part of a home-like atmosphere. Training/retraining will be consistent with your level of need.

Special care will be given to any addiction and recovery needs. The residential facility invites family members to be part of the rehabilitation process in varying types of counseling and group therapy meetings.

Your Needs Can Be Met

You or a loved one can benefit from an adult residential facility in Burnsville at Options Residential Inc. Contact them through their website to learn more about what they can offer in terms of residential and rehabilitation services.

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