Reviewing Divorce Grounds with Family Law Attorneys in Springboro, OH

In Ohio, a divorce petition is filed when a couple can no longer continue their marriage. A petitioner identifies divorce grounds based on the circumstances that ended their marriage. Family law attorneys in Springboro, OH assist petitioners by explaining available divorce grounds and starting a petition.

Divorce Grounds in Ohio

The state of Ohio allows divorce petitioners to utilize fault and no-fault divorce grounds. No-fault grounds include irretrievable breakdown or irreconcilable differences. Fault-based grounds start with desertion for one year, adultery, extreme cruelty, and addiction. All fault-based grounds require evidence to substantiate the allegations.

Extreme Cruelty and Domestic Violence

The petitioner must file formal charges against their spouse to use the grounds. Once an arrest is made, the petitioner has the right to obtain a protection order. The terms of the protection order assist the petitioner’s case, and any violation of the order leads to a new charge for the defendant.

Incarceration of a Spouse

The petitioner has the legal right to use the prison sentence as divorce grounds. The state requires the prison sentence to last at least two years. If the petitioner provides evidence of the sentence, the state grants a divorce based on the grounds.

Legal Separation for One Year

The couple uses legal separation for one year to acquire a divorce if they complete motion for a legal separation. The terms of the legal separation are used for the divorce case, too. By choosing this option, the couple simplifies their divorce.

Habitual Addiction to Drugs or Alcohol

A spouse that has an addiction to drugs or alcohol for at least two years provides grounds for a divorce. The petitioner has the right to file for a divorce using the grounds even if their spouse seeks help.

In Ohio, a divorce petition is filed when a couple cannot continue their marriage. A petitioner starts the motion based on fault or no-fault divorce grounds. All fault-based divorce grounds require the petitioners to provide evidence to support their allegations. Certain divorce grounds are outlined in prenuptial agreements and provide specific entitlements. Petitioners who need help from family law attorneys in Springboro, OH for a divorce case can contact our attorneys right now.

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