Reviewing SSDI With A Social Security Attorney Around Me

by | Mar 13, 2018 | Lawyers

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In California, social security disability insurance is provided to claimants who worked previously. The programs are accessed after the claimant develops a condition that stops them from working. The benefits are paid out on the third of the month. A Social Security Attorney Around Me assists claimants with a work history secure the benefits.

What Value is Paid Out Each Month?

The payments are based on the total benefits accumulated over time. The claimant’s work history and the total years they have worked helps the SSA calculate their total benefits. The benefits are secured through contributions into the social security program each pay period.

How Does the Applicant Apply for Benefits?

The claimant completes an application and provides records depicting their condition. The SSA needs a start date for the condition and details about how it occurred. The conditions include work-related injuries and occupational diseases. Terminal diseases such as cancer are qualifying conditions that entitle claimants to benefits.

Can the Claimant Ever Return to Work?

Yes, if the condition isn’t permanent, the claimant receives benefits until they are able to work again. Select programs offer rehabilitative services to help claimants return to work. The programs help the claimants train for new jobs and careers. The claimants receive additional benefits to cover the cost of their educational programs and living expenses.

Do the Benefits Increase at Any Time?

The monthly benefits increase only if the federal government offers a cost of living increase for claimants. The claimants receive a letter notifying them about any increases that apply to their benefits. The state of California also provides a payment each month to supplement the disability benefits.

Are There Decreases in Benefits?

The benefits decrease only if the claimant’s income increases. If the claimant starts to work again, their monthly benefits are reduced or stopped. The SSA notifies the claimant about the changes.

In California, social security disability insurance is a program offered to disabled individuals who used to work. The claimants sustained an injury or developed a condition that made working impossible. The condition is identified in their claim and supported by medical records. Claimants who need help from a Social Security Attorney Around Me visit right now.

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