Reviewing The Laws With A Social Security Attorney

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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In California, adults with disabilities are turned down more often when they submit their first application for social security disability benefits. The Social Security Administration reviews potential loopholes that enable the agency to deny the claim. A local Social Security Attorney can help claimants avoid common issues that delay their approval for benefits.

What is SDI?

Short-term disability insurance is provided to adults who have a job or who are trying to find work. The eligibility requirements indicate that the condition prevents the claimant from working for at least eight days. The claimant must have evidence that shows that they have earned at least $300 and deductions for social security were taken out of the wages. The benefits will last throughout the full duration in which the applicant cannot work.

Who is Ineligible for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Individuals who are capable of returning to work or who are on paid sick leave won’t qualify for benefits. The claimant cannot receive unemployment benefits and social security benefits at the same time. Additionally, any individual who was convicted of a crime cannot receive social security disability benefits of any kind. Any refusal to submit to a medical examination could lead to a denial of social security disability benefits.

How Do Applicants Apply for the Benefits?

Their employer provides the necessary forms to secure temporary disability benefits. The claimant can also apply through the Economic Development Department. The application requires a two-part process. The claimant fills out a portion of the form and gets their doctor to finish the form by entering information about the disability.

What is the Highest Benefit Values?

The highest social security disability benefit payments available to the claimant is $1,173. The value that the claimant receives is based on their total household income.

In California, social security disability benefits are paid to individuals who have a mental or physical condition that prevents them from working. The claimant must provide medical evidence of their condition to support their claim. A doctor must provide a sworn statement about the condition. Disabled individuals who need assistance from a Social Security Attorney can visit for more information now.

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