Revolutionizing the Igloo Shape for Businesses Around the World

The igloo was something created by Arctic Natives to survive bad weather and freezing conditions when no other building materials were available. Its design is simple enough; a dome shape with bricks of snow frozen together to reach the top and leave an opening for the fires built within. They are engineered shelters of the most ingenious kind.

Recently, one company took the igloo’s original design and revamped it for modern use. It can be used for an igloo restaurant in Denver, Colorado, or for sheltered seating outside in bad weather. It has also been used for pandemic seating because the glass transparent walls are so easy to wipe down and disinfect after each group of customers has left. If you want seating in a modern igloo for restaurant diners, here’s a few things to know.

Three Sizes of Igloo

These glass-walled igloos come in three sizes. The smallest seats 2-6 people, the medium fits 4-10 people, and the large is big enough to seat an extended family reunion of about 16 people. Purchasing multiple sizes of igloos gives your restaurant many outdoor dining space options.

Trading Glass Walls for Curtains

When the weather is much warmer and quite beautiful out, trade the glass walls for canvas curtains or sheer drapery. Customers can choose to close the curtains or drapes for more privacy, or leave them open for sun and breezes. Other accessories include flower boxes you can install around the base for added decor. To find out more, visit Astreea Igloos at

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