Richter’s PTFE Lined valves : Excellence since 60 years

Around more than 60 years, Richter has been a pioneer in manufacturing of high-quality fluoropolymer lined pumps (chemical process pumps) and valves. German engineering makes Richter products the first choice in highly corrosive environment critical, high-purity and other challenging applications. Richter operated in India under the wing of IDEX India. IDEX India, a 100% subsidiary of IDEX Corporation, is a leading global manufacturer of highly engineered industrial products and technologies such as industrial pumps & valves, compressors, firefighting tools and rescue equipment, milling equipment, dispensers, flow meters, spare parts, services and accessories.

The strong values in IDEX are centered around Trust, Team and Excellence, which play a key role in satisfying our customers and fulfilling their needs. Richter’s products play a crucial role in preventing hazardous fluids to leak to the environment at our customer’s site. IDEX India has its corporate office at Mumbai, India and a world class facility spanning across 1,50,000 sq ft area @ Savli in Vadodara, India.

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Richter offers high quality valving solutions with a difference. Premium quality and virtually maintenance-free PFA lined valves, PTFE lined valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, shut off valves and control equipment used in demanding applications, are some of the strong offerings of Richter in Indian marketplace. IDEX India is one of the leading valves manufacturer in India. An alternative to expensive special metals and alloys, these top-quality, corrosion resistant, fluoroplastic lined products offer solutions for applications which demand the safe separation of fluid and atmosphere.
The PFA, PTFE and PFA-L (antistatic) – offers high resistance to corrosion for almost all applications. German engineering coupled with excellent R & D and reliable operations makes Richter the right partner for you.

The different types of offerings we provide are :

  • Shut-off ball valves, control valves, PFA-lined, flange and sandwich designs
  • Ball type drain valves – PFA lined
  • Shut-off and control butterfly valves, PFA/PTFE-lined, sandwich, lug-style and double-flange designs
  • Diaphragm shut-off and control valves, PFA/PTFE-lined
  • Bellows-sealed control and shut-off valves, PFA/PTFE-lined
  • Sampling valves, seal less, PFA-lined, stainless steel
  • Safety valves for vapors, gases and fluids, PFA/PTFE-lined
  • Overflow, pressure-relief and thermal expansion valves, seal less, PFA-lined
  • Low pressure safety valves, for container venting and aeration, PFA/PTFE-lined
  • Bottom drain valves, PFA/PTFE lined
  • Sight glasses, 2 and 3-way designs, PFA/PTFE-lined
  • Strainers, PFA-lined

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