Roaches Termite: Termite Control Methods

Though small in size, termites can cause massive damage. Termites are wood lovers and they will infest any wooden structure at any given opportunity. To avoid inconveniences, you should take safety measures especially when building, which will avert future termite attacks. It might take a bit long before you know that you are under termite attack and by the time you do, it might be too late, as much damage will already have been done. Your properties’ value will be lower and if you had any intention of selling it, the possibilities of it selling are close to nil. Below are some methods used to control and prevent Roaches Termite.

Chemical Termite Control

Chemical termite control is carried out in a number of methods in which each is effective in its unique way. These methods include wood treatment, termite baits and Convectional Barrier System.

  • In wood treatment, the wood is treated with termiticides before or after building to repel the termites.
  • Termite baits are used when you notice infected areas. A common wood is placed in their feeding spot and after the termites feast on it, it is replaced with a poisoned one, which, after feeding on, the termites die.
  • Convectional Barrier System includes thorough chemical treatment of the soil surrounding your structure. This method is best carried out by professionals.

Termite Fumigation

This includes the use of odorless and colorless gas that has sulfuric fluorite as the active ingredient. The gas is very toxic and causes death if inhaled or handled unprofessionally. The structure is tightly covered then the gas is sprayed. Breathing apparatus and protection clothing are worn by the ones carrying out the procedure. It is a very effective procedure but still very dangerous and only licensed professional pest controllers are allowed to carry out this process.

Extreme Heat

After tenting the house, extreme heat is pumped in. This in turn raises the woods temperature killing the termite’s colonies. The amount of heat to be pumped in will depend on the atmospheric temperature affecting that area.

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