Saint Gobain Hoses Offer Top ROI

When it comes to hose and tubing for any type of sanitary processing system, there is a range of different products to order. Some of these products are from manufacturers that have limited expertise in the market, while others are from manufacturers with a well-deserved reputation for quality, reliability, and hoses that can stand up to any type of sanitary processing system demands.

One of the leading manufacturers in premium plastics Saint Gobain hoses. Used around the world in different types of processes and applications, they have a top reputation as a long-lasting, high performance hose option. They are not the lowest cost hoses, but when a long duty cycle and the ability to meet all standards required in the sanitary processing industry, they are definitely a good return on your investment.

Multiple Applications

From milk tubing for use in dairies through to specialized food and beverage tubing for processing systems, Saint Gobain hoses come in a variety of sizes, materials, and with various certifications. The hoses are designed to be highly flexible, limiting damage with installation in tight spaces or in areas where the hose has to turn. The hoses are designed to be seamless, limiting the risk of leaks or deterioration at joints.

The company offers high pressure tubing and Saint Gobain hoses designed for chemical transfer, as well as a range of sanitary couplers and hose ends to allow for easy compatibility with existing equipment in the system. There are over 40 different possible hose adaptors, and crimp fittings offered that can be used in all types of processes and still maintain industry standards.

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