Save the Forest Through Using Electric Hand Dryers

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

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The installation of a restroom hand dryer in a public facility has some environmental benefits. The positive effects are multiplied every time an air dryer is placed in a facility that uses paper towels. If you are a facility manager, there are many reasons to switch to hand dryers, but the green arguments are especially persuasive. Here are some of the top ways these versatile units help promote a cleaner planet and contribute to healthy forests.

Reduce the Use of Trees Through Cutting Back on Paper Towels

Each day, thousands of pounds of paper towels are used in restroom facilities throughout the United States and the world. Because of this practice, thousands of trees are cut down to produce the paper towels. With the use of electric hand dryers, this profligate custom of reaching for paper towels can be greatly reduced. Moreover, all of the energy needed to manufacturer the paper products and ship them can also be limited. On the other hand, once a restroom hand dryer is installed, there is no need to manufacture other products. Energy for shipping is also saved.

Decrease Energy Use With Efficient Air Dryers

Though the newest air dryers are strong and powerful, they need little energy. The most efficient models only use 950 watts to operate. With the employment of automatic sensors and adjustable speeds, the machine you select can save your business money on utility bills. The sensors won’t allow the motor to run longer than it should, so there is no waste of energy. It is smart to look for models that meet green certification standards and that use less energy than standard models. The most efficient models dry a hundred hands for the same energy output as one paper towel.

One restroom hand dryer in your facility produces significant energy savings. Take it easy on the forest by equipping your facility with these efficient machines. Visit the website for more information.

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