Saving Money With Your AC Company in Old Saybrook CT

Summertime is here and practically everyone can feel it. Depending on where you reside in the country you could be experiencing triple-digit temperatures. During this time, the one device that millions of Americans have in common is an A/C. However, most of us can’t afford to blast our A/C non-stop 24hrs a day. Let’s take a look at a couple of cost-saving tips that can help save you a little money this summer.

Try keeping your air vents open. Many of us have a tendency to close certain air vents in an attempt to redirect air to rooms that are more frequently occupied. Although this seems to make sense in theory it’s actually counterproductive. Closing certain vents will make certain rooms a little colder and other rooms a lot hotter. The rooms getting little to no cool air are causing the overall temperature of the house to stay warmer, which causes your A/C unit to work harder. So open your vents to avoid paying more to your ac company in Old Saybrook CT.

Opening a window can help keep the house much cooler. Most people have a tendency to blast the A/C unit during the day and night. However, the temperature outside tends to drop when the sun goes down. Take advantage of this by turning off your unit and opening a few windows. This will allow cool air to enter your home while you sleep. In the morning, when you wake up, close the windows so that this cool air can stay inside. This will keep you cool at night, and will prevent the need for the A/C until later in the afternoon.

If you feel you’re still paying too much for energy from your ac company in Old Saybrook CT, consider playing with your thermostat. Most people set the thermostat to a fairly cool temperature, and will keep it there for the entire day. Instead, you should consider setting the thermostat at about 79 degrees while at home, and then increasing this temperature to about 85 degrees when you’re not.

Doing all of these things should help save you money for the rest of the summer. Again, focus on keeping the air vents opened throughout your home. Don’t forget to open a window at night to let in cool air, and adjust the thermostat throughout the day as well.

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