Say Goodbye to Yellow Teeth with Teeth Whitening Redding

Tired of your teeth looking yellow instead of white? Even if you’re brushing several times a day, there isn’t a sure way to avoid stains completely, especially if you drink caffeinated products or eat acidic foods. So what can you do to get your teeth whiter? The solution to your problem is teeth whitening Redding. A dentist can whiten your teeth right in the office so that your teeth are many shades lighter by the time you leave.

What Does the Whitening Process Involve?

The dentist will have a good look before applying a whitening gel. The gel is stronger than what you would find in the whitening products that are on the shelves of stores. During the process of teeth whitening Redding, the dentist rubs the whitening gel over each individual tooth, including those in the back, such as the molars. Even though people may not always see those teeth unless you’re giving them a big smile, the dentist wants to make sure that each tooth is equally white.

After applying the whitening gel, the dentist may place a UV accelerator light over your teeth. The light heats the gel and gets it to blend in with your teeth so that it becomes even more powerful at removing discoloration. You’ll likely need to rest with the UV light over your teeth for about 15 minutes to allow it to do the job. In less than one hour, you’ll be able to have teeth that are beautifully white.

Does The Dentist Offer Any Other Option?

The dentist may send you home with whitening trays if you prefer to do outside of the office. The whitening trays are made to fit around the teeth and they have a special gel inside of them. When you put the trays over your teeth, the gel comes in contact with the teeth and works on whitening them. You would need to leave them on for as long as your dentist tells you to.

Allow the yellow teeth to become a thing of the past. Moore & Pascarella Dental Group offers teeth whitening that lifts the discoloration so that you’ll have white teeth by the end of the day.

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