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It is the right of disabled Americans to be able to file a claim for disability and receive benefits, as long as their medical condition is permanent and approved by the Administration. Unfortunately, the process of seeking disability benefits is often wrought with obstacles and, sometimes, denials. It is imperative for individuals to seek help from the Social Security Law Center so they can receive legal guidance.

Getting Started

Individuals often hire a lawyer from the Social Security Law Center when they are first starting the process of applying for benefits. Lawyers are hired from the beginning because many people do not understand their rights or the laws that govern those rights as they are pursuing their benefits.

Human error accounts for many denials and hiring a lawyer from the beginning can help to make sure the paperwork is properly filled out and filed. Working with a lawyer from the beginning can help avoid needless issues that will only prolong the process and, therefore, the receiving of the benefits.

To get started, the person needs to schedule a consultation with the lawyer. The lawyer will need their client to sign a medical release so all of their medical records can be obtained. If the medical records are lacking in any way or do not fully support a disabled diagnosis, the lawyer will work to make sure their client is seen by the right medical professionals so proper medical documentation can be submitted to the Administration.

Call for an Appointment

There is no reason for disabled individuals to be forced to go through the stress of a denial without legal help. When a denial is given, individuals have the right to appeal the decision and often win when they hire a lawyer to help them.

Those who are attempting to file a disability claim should first schedule a consultation with the lawyer to get started. To learn more about how a lawyer can help, visit Call the office right away and they will be happy to schedule an appointment so you can get started.

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