Select the Right Aluminum Bar for Your Application

Aluminum bars purchased frequently in various alloys and shapes, including square, hexagon, round, and flat. This does not include the various high-performance aluminum alloys that are more affordable than they were in the past. Aluminum bar can be manipulated and bent in a multitude of different ways to meet the needs of a particular application.

Common Alloys Used to Manufacture Aluminum Bar
One of the most popular alloys on market – 6061 aluminum – is available in square, flat, and round bar stock. It is alloyed with magnesium and silicon and offers excellent corrosion resistance. It welds and machines easily and maybe hot formed or cold worked. This alloy also works well in various fabrication processes that include stamping, saw cutting, drilling, bending, and tapping.

Another popular aluminum bar grade is 7075 alloy. This alloy includes the addition of zinc. It represents one of the highest strength alloys available other than certain high-performance alloys. Mechanical properties of this alloy are impacted significantly through tempering. It is a highly beneficial strength to weight ratio and is also highly corrosion resistant. It also possesses high polish ability for use in cosmetic applications.

Grade 2024 aluminum bar is alloyed with copper primarily and provides good fatigue resistance and exceptional strength. It does not possess the same level of pressure resistances other aluminum alloys. However it may be used in clad form or anodized to provide added corrosion resistance. It offers fair machinability but is not recommended for subjection to standard welding practices.

Grade 6063 aluminum is alloyed primarily with silicon and magnesium. It offers good finishing characteristics and tensile properties at the same time supplying a fair amount of corrosion resistance. This alloy may be used to develop complex shapes with smooth surfaces due to the fact that it is commonly extruded. Various anodizing applications are also suitable for this alloy.

Industries That Commonly Use Aluminum Bar
Due to the fact that aluminum bar is at a roller coaster rooted, it is beneficial for use in multiple products and industries. It is applicable is used in engineering and architectural applications, structural components, frames and other parts, aircraft, medical assemblies, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and firearms.

Contact an experienced aluminum supply company today to obtain the aluminum bar product you need for your project applications.

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