Senior Care in Alexandria, VA for Your Loved Ones

The responsibility of deciding on a care plan for your senior loved one can be a stressful and emotional experience. Whether physical limitations, childcare, or work gets in the way of you being there as often as your loved one needs, it’s relieving to find a solution you can feel good about. It may be time to consider senior care in Alexandria, VA to help carry the load.

Choosing a Home Healthcare Company

Senior care in Alexandria, VA is meant to help elderly individuals remain in their homes and stay comfortable for as long as possible, allowing you to not split your time and efforts so much that you burn out. When looking for a home health company, your priority should be a staff that cares and goes the extra mile to become another member of the family. Look for nurses and aides who care about what the patient wants and take the time to get to know both you and your loved one.The Home Health Process

Hiring senior care for the first time can be scary. You’re trusting someone you don’t know with the care of someone you love. Luckily, companies such as Capital City Nurses have a tried-and-true process of easing into the services.

1. Your dedicated nurse performs an assessment of the patient and their needs.
2. Those needs are considered in making the perfect match with caregivers in your area.
3. The level of service is chosen and carried out based on the needs of the individual and insurance compensation.
4. Meet your new home health aide, ready to make life a little easier.

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