Services Provided by an Industrial Ventilation Design Company

An experienced industrial ventilation design company has the capacity to engineer a variety of systems. These companies typically provide engineering services that address multiple types of pumps, air pollution and fan control. Although every ventilation design company will have its own specific set of expertise, they generally offer the following types of services.

Dust Collection Design and Installation
Having a functioning system for collecting dust is vital to any industrial or manufacturing company. A ventilation design company will understand the value of having a system that includes hoods, duct, fan packages and airlocks.

Conveying System Design
A penuematic conveying system allows for the simple flow of dust or other materials away from one area and into another. An experienced industrial ventilation design company can help manufacturers decide if a single destination or multiple destination is right for the company.

Air Testing
Ventilation design companies typically work with manufacturing companies who have problems keeping the air quality to the level that is best for workers. Ventilation design companies are able to identify exactly what type of poor design or poor equipment is leading to the problem with the air quality, and they are able to offer solutions to the poor air quality. Typically, the solution is achieved thorough the design of better quality air ventilation systems.

Pump Systems
A poorly made pump system can have problems with pumps, gear boxes or motors. This can ultimately lead to failure or poor efficiency due to bad performance. Ventilation design companies can help identify the problem and suggest designs that can address the poor performance.

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