Shop for Unique Engagement Rings: 4 Ways to Do It

If you and your sweetheart love the thought of shopping for unique engagement rings, use the following tips.

Figure out your budget

That’s a first. You’ll want to draw up a budget before you shop around, GQ says. Do a timeline as well. That’s going to help you save enough. Knowing how soon and how much you’ll need to save up for the ring will help you buy the right rings when the time comes.

Do your homework

It can be tempting to ask your partner about the kind of engagement ring she likes. But that’s going to spoil the surprise. This is where a bit of stealth and homework come in handy. You’ll want to snoop through your sweetheart’s rings. That’s one way to get her size. Then try to work the subject of rings into a conversation. Don’t be obvious about it, though, or she’ll catch onto the fact. Doing these things can help you figure out the designs and styles you’re sure she loves.

Ask about the details

This is where it all comes down to. If you and your partner would like unique engagement rings, make sure you know what kind of designers she likes. You may want to ask for help from a friend or sister when you pick out a ring for your partner. There’s nothing worst than the thought of you making a mistake and buying the wrong one.

Decide on the cut and setting

If your partner wants a diamond, though, then you’ll want to decide on the cut and setting before you proceed any further. Don’t have clue? Let an expert guide. Ask around for help. Read up. And talk to the shop’s representative. With help from pros, you’ll have a much better idea which options suit your partner and your budget.

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