Should I Add a Fountain to My Pond?

Creating a landscape is all about taking advantage of the natural design of your home and land, while creating a more aesthetically pleasing background. When you live away from the coastline, you may decide to add a pond to your property. With so many types of designs for fountains, you may be focusing on the aesthetic benefits of installing a fountain or waterfall in your pond. However, there’s a few reasons that a pottery fountain is beneficial to the ecosystem and your property.

Constant Flow of Water

If you have a still pond, you have a limited amount of oxygen that is getting to your fish at any given moment of the day. You need a steady flow of water through the pond to maintain oxygen levels for your fish, or you risk losing them. By adding a fountain to your pond, you promote that necessary flow, reinvigorating the water to give your fish a healthier environment. They offer pottery fountains for sale. Disappearing water features, pots, vase & jar glazed pottery for patio and garden decorating.

Maintains Your Plant Life

Much like fish, your underwater and nearby plants need a certain amount of fresh water to survive and thrive. Your plants may actually be more important to care for, since their structures turn carbon dioxide into oxygen for the fish. By giving your plants the proper aeration and flow of water, they contribute to the oxygen levels in the water, which also helps your fish to thrive.

Ability to Increase Fish Population

Since oxygen for fish is limited with stagnant water, the lack of a fountain prevents you from adding fish to the pond. However, since a fountain helps to aerate the water, you have the option to grow your fish population, depending on the amount of water and oxygen levels. A fountain is safe to have around your fish, since the mechanical pieces do not interfere with their ability to swim.


You have the option of performing your own maintenance, or you can call a local serviceman to handle necessary maintenance for you. If you purchase your fountain through them you are able to request their assistance with the installation, repairs, and other maintenance of any make and model of floating or above ground fountains. By outsourcing routine care to someone else, all you need to focus on is showing off your latest addition to your yard whenever you invite guests over.

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