Should You Use Original Manufacturer’s Toner or Seek an After-Market Option?

Purchasing a laser or inkjet printer is not often an expensive cost for your business. However, purchasing printer toner in Greenville SC can soon become a regular and high expense. You should contact your regular office suppliers and inquire about their supply of toner and whether they recommend the manufacture’s original ink or an aftermarket option.

Do Aftermarket Cartridges Work?

When you discuss your requirements with your supplier of printer toner in Greenville SC, they will advise you, from their vast experience, whether it is better to remain with the original manufacturer’s toner or choose the aftermarket version. They will know that some printers work well with a compatible cartridge while others do not. They will be able to direct you to the best choices to match your printer’s requirements.

Some may argue that printer toner in a generic cartridge will work perfectly well within a printer while others suggest that your printer must only be used with the original toner cartridge option. The purchase of compatible cartridges may amount to a considerable saving, especially where you are printing large quantities of both black and color during a year.

The page yields may differ considerably, and your office suppliers will be able to inform you about whether the original or the compatible cartridge provides more copies. This will allow you to work out the cost per page and make decisions about using one or the other.

You should avoid the cheapest of the compatible toners because they may cause problems within your printer.

For printer toner in Greenville SC, you should avoid compatible toners that clog your printer head as this will cost you more for repairs and cleaning and may damage your printer to the point where a new model may be required.

When you stay with original manufacturer’s specifications, you will know what you’re going to receive, exactly, every single time.

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