Should You Use Termite Tenting in San Diego?

by | Oct 13, 2014 | Pest Control Products

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Do you know if you have a termite infestation in your home? If you do have an infestation, Termite tenting, also called as fumigation, is a tactic used for handling large infestations of dry wood termites. Before opting to try termite tenting, you should have solid evidence of a big infestation before resorting using this option of getting rid of termites. Conversely, despite persistent fears, there seems to be no long-term residue or danger to people and animals once the process is complete and the tent has been removed. If you decide to use Termite Tenting in San Diego, put away all food in your home and pack clothes in sealed plastic bags, which are typically provided by the company performing the service.

Next, the company providing the service will place a big tent around the house. Then the pest control company will release a poisonous gas and use fans to ensure the fumes reach all areas of your home. On day two of the treatment, the termite tent is removed and the clean-up process begins. The fans used to spread the gas throughout your house will now be used to remove the gas from your house. Complex tools are used to test the levels of gas that remain and determine when it is safe for you to return. Most people decide to take another day before returning to the house to be completely safe.

The third day of termite tenting in San Diego involves of an inspection by the company to ensure your home is completely free from both the toxic anti-bug gas and termites. The gas used by the tenting procedure does not remain for an extended period of time inside of things like cabinets, furniture, or cookware. However, you can further protect yourself and your family by cleaning anything that was left uncovered. A set of sophisticated instruments are used to check the levels of pollution to make sure the gas is completely gone and it is safe for you to come back home. Contact a pest control specialist in your area to see if termite tenting is the right choice to deal with your termite problem.


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