Signs It Is Time for A Carbonated System

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Beverages

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Many small to mid-sized beverage producers are trying to get the most out of their existing equipment. They may be putting off replacing carbonated system equipment due to the misunderstanding that new equipment is simply too costly.

In reality, when there are problems in the carbonated system, it is already costing money. This cost is often not immediately evident, but it surfaces at some point in time with the inconsistent product, greater waste, and lower production yield. Over time, each of these factors can have a significant impact on branding and marketing ability, and with inconsistent quality, a drop in overall sales.

Lack of Carbonation or Inconsistent Carbonation

Flat beverages or inconsistent carbonation in any type of carbonated product is a significant issue. This is often related to pressure problems throughout the system, which can be a particular concern with the high-pressure carbonation processes and equipment.

In upgrading to a low-pressure carbonated system, these issues can be resolved. Additionally, with the lower pressure requirements, there is less energy use across the system, which saves production costs. Lower pressure carbonation provides a more consistent, stable beverage, which means a better product for consumers.

There may also be an issue with older equipment that is not incorporating the latest in research and technology in the actual absorption of C02 into the beverage. Different mixing options added to the new equipment ensure full absorption and mixing for just the right amount of carbonation with every production run. Highly accurate metering of the liquid and the CO2 introduced into the liquid are critical for a quality final product.

While there is an investment in upgrading a carbonation system, the improvements in the product, the technology, and control offered over the process, and the reduced costs of operations can easily offset this cost.

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