Signs of Needed Transmission Repair Chicago Drivers Shouldn’t Ignore

You may be a good car owner, changing your oil every 3,000 miles, getting your tires rotated periodically and making sure your brakes are in good condition but you may also be overlooking one of the most important parts of your car. The transmission regulates the tire rotations per minute and controls the neutral and reverse functions. As long as it is working well, your transmission is easy to ignore. However, if you notice any of these signs, contact an auto repair shop for Chicago Transmission Repair drivers trust. Browse website for more information.

Leaking red fluid

Finding fluid under your car is always a cause for concern. If the fluid is red or reddish brown, it is likely transmission fluid. To be sure it came from your vehicle, put a large piece of cardboard under your car. If your car is truly leaking transmission fluid, you will need to take it to the repair shop right away.


If your automatic transmission seems to be changing gears for no reason, you need to see a qualified transmission repair person. Whether your car is accelerating or decelerating on its own or if you hear sounds coming from the engine that suggest it is trying to change gears, your transmission may be slipping. The problem should be addressed as soon as you notice it to avoid further damage.

Delayed starts

Sometimes when a car is having transmission problems, it won’t immediately move when you put it in drive. While it is obvious the car is running because you can hear the engine rev, your vehicle may not move forward as soon as you tell it to. Delayed starts indicate a transmission problem and make your car less safe to drive. See a transmission specialist as soon as possible if you are having this problem with your automobile.

The technicians are skilled and experienced and will take the time to explain the problem to every customers. In addition to transmission repairs, they can also provide other automotive work including brake repair and replacement, radiator replacement, fuel injection repair and tune ups.

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