Signs That Indicate You Have a Slab Leak in Sarasota, Florida

Early slab leak detection in Sarasota, FL, is important. You will be able to prevent a lot of damage to your home if you get a slab leak detected early. There are several signs that indicate you have a slab leak.

A Spike in Your Water Bill

Any leak that you have will cause your water bill to increase. The reason that leaks cause your water bill to increase is because the water is running 24 hours a day. That is why if your water bills have been higher than normal, you may have a slab leak.

Your Floor Has a Hot Spot

If there are hot spots on your floor, then you may have a slab leak. You may also notice that the hot spot is in a single room.

Damp Flooring or Carpet

When water accumulates in your foundation, it does not have anywhere to go but up. That is why water will start to accumulate in your flooring or carpet. If you have water in your carpet, then it will be darker than usual. You may also have mold on your floor or carpet.

Constantly Running Water

If the water is constantly running, then you will need to check to make sure that none of your appliances are turned on. You may have a slab leak if you notice water running, and you do not have any appliances turned on.

Decrease in Water Pressure

If water is constantly leaking, then there will be less of it available when you turn on your faucets. That is why you may notice a decrease in water pressure. The slab leak is stealing water from your other appliances.

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